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by koreanrecipes

Here’s a great kitchen assistant for you! Mandoline V-Slicer from Maestoware.

Check out the video review where I created a quick, easy and delicious salad in a matter of a minute!

Company: Maestoware

Available for purchase on Amazon

Description of the product: This super-fast and easy to use handheld slicer is guaranteed to save you time preparing food. The 3 convenient and adjustable settings allows you to cut fruits and vegetables in various sizes while the lock position provide a safety for storage.

• 4 positions that can be easily adjusts for three precise thicknesses 2mm, 4mm, 6mm and lock position for safety storage.
• Strong sharp stainless steel V-Blade makes it easily to cut vegetables and fruits that will last for years.
• Sturdy handle provides a steady and comfortable grip.
• Non-slip rubber base keeps the slicer firmly in place for slicing.
• BPA free Non-Stick body for easy slicing and ergonomic designed grooves for sturdy placement to slice over a bowl.