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Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜)

by mahetaiba
Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜)

Rice punch (Sikhye: 식혜) is a traditional sweet Korean rice punch often served after a meal. This mildly sweet dessert drink is made of fermented barley malt and cooked rice. With this easy recipe and the use of an instant pot or rice cooker, you can enjoy the authentic taste of this Korean drink anytime at home. Especially since it’s also known to aid digestion after a meal.

This Korean rice punch (Sikhye, 식혜) is another traditional sweet beverage that Koreans love. If you enjoy dining at upscale Korean restaurants, you have probably already experienced this rice punch at the end of your meal.

Cooked rice and barley malt are fermented together with water at a low temperature for several hours. (Don’t worry, it’s alcohol free!) The liquid will turn light amber, and the rice will become spongy. Some rice grains will float to the top. The result will be a moderately sweet malt-flavored rice drink.

Traditionally, many Korean home cooks make sikhye for Korean holidays like New Year’s Day, Lunar New Year’s day, and Chuseok (Korean Thanksgiving), along with sweet rice cake Desserts such as Songpyeon, Yakshik, and Yakgwa.

You can, of course, buy canned Korean rice drinks at the store, but they can’t beat the taste of the homemade version. And it is not that difficult to make at home. All you need is an instant pot, rice cooker, or slow cooker!

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