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Gourmet Hawaiian Sea salt – Black Lava

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This nutritious and delicious gourmet sea salt is a must have in anyone's kitchen and ideal for any type of cuisine.

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Soul of the Sea Kilauea Black Sea Salt

Activated charcoal is a delicious nutritional supplement, a proven antitoxin and digestive aid. Hawaii Kai uses only the highest-purity, highest-quality activated charcoal available, bonds it with Papohaku White to yield alluring taste enhancements and a dramatic, glistening appearance. As rare as a black pearl, Soul of the Sea Kilauea Black is a superb complement to even the most sophisticated recipes.

Harvested from the pristine waters of the island of Molokai, exclusively through our breakthrough “Solar Seal” system, incomparable Soul of the Sea is the only gourmet salt ever to receive the Star Diamond Award for Outstanding Quality from the American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. White and Red salt also available.

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