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Bulgogi Beef BBQ

by koreanrecipes
thinly sliced beef bulgogi topped with onions on white plate by cathlyn's korean kitchen

So Bulgogi (불고기) is a traditional recipe for sweet-marinated beef. It most usually uses thinly sliced sirloin, but the marinade can be used for chicken and pork as well (with 1/2 tsp of minced ginger added to the marinade). 

In the United States, beef bulgogi is one of the most popular proteins served in Korean restaurants. It’s usually served on a bed of rice with a side of green salad.

credit: Flickr

While you can find most cuts of sirloin in any grocery store, the specific thin style is more commonly found in Asian grocery stores like 99 Ranch Market, HMart, or Zion Market. In fact, the closest cut you can find to this in American grocery stores is typically in flank steaks! So just remember, this marinade can be applied to nearly any type of cut.

Korean Barbeque (KBBQ) restaurants are my favorite places to have bulgogi, besides at home of course. KBBQ restaurants, however, can sometimes get a little pricey when you have more than just a few folks at your dinner table…so why break the bank for a night out, when you can bring the KBBQ home?

Did you try this marinade? Let me know how it tasted in the comments below!

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