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Galbi Jjim – Korean Stew

by Jasmine Nauta

Galbi Jjim – otherwise known as Korean Savory Short Rib stew – is everything you would expect from a stew. Hearty, full of flavor, and a classic comfort food, this stew will bring a smile to your face like it brings one to mine!

The meat in this dish is super super tender, not just because it’s the kind of cut that is always so tender and delicious, but also because of the pressure cooked stew process. This breaks down those delicious chunks of short rib so it melts in your mouth at every bite.

The variety of veggies and other ingredients in this stew also make it incredibly healthy and unique. In a traditional stew, you would find potatoes, carrots, maybe celery, but in this recipe for the Galbi Jjim, the inclusion of the Asian pear, chestnuts, dates, and shiitake mushrooms make it a colorful canvas of flavor.

This is a great recipe for whenever, and it is one of the tastiest stews there is.



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