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by koreanrecipes

 Hair straightening brush product review

Brand: Apalus Hair Straightener

Color options: Pink, Black

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I’ve used this brush to straighten my hair for about 10 days, and so far, it hasn’t damaged my hair so that’s good news! I like the fact that there’s a display panel on the back of the  handle and you can set the temperature setting for 365 – 450 degrees F. You can change it to Celsius as well by holding down the + and _ button at once.

cathlyn's hair

The temperature should be set based the hair type My hair is fine(normal) so I set it to 410-450 F.
In my case, it’s a little bit faster than using a straightening iron. I like the fact that it’s easy to use and I can just brush my hair from top to bottom. It doesn’t curl my hair like the iron does, but that’s why I have both!
Here are the features of the hair straightener:
  • 1. Ceramic Iron Straightener + Detangling Brush + Anion Hair Massager, ANTI SCALD design,worry free from burning your fingers and hands2. Anion moisturizing and hydrating care, to do a deep care with oil treatment for the hair with brush Messaging Tips less than 125℉ anti Scald, Zero damage .US safety plug, auto shut-off protection. Professional, stylish, premium straightening iron brush.3. Dual voltage operation support: 110V~240V.Instant heat-up and recovery:1 minute heat up to 365℉, 8 seconds a silky straight hair basic done4. Temperature setting guide: Auto constant temperature at 365℉ for delicate colored fine hair; Customized set 410℉ for natural texture hair; Customized set 450℉ for thick or wavy hair;

digital brushI’d recommend this product for anyone who have curly or wavy hair, looking for a solution to conveniently and quickly straighten your hair without damaging your hair in the process. I’d suggest that you use a couple of drops of all natural olive oil or coconut oil on your hair before using any hair straighteners. It will help keep your hair looking, smooth, silky and healthy!

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