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Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen Cookbook

Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen Cookbook features 56 authentic Korean recipes accompanied by beautiful colored food shots, as seen on PBS. Get an autographed copy of this book, only available through this website!


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Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen

Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen, a PBS Cooking Show

Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen is currently the only Korean TV cooking show in English in the US, hosted and produced by a Korean chef, currently airing on PBS. Produced by Carma Media & Entertainment and hosted by Korean celebrity chef and musical artist Cathlyn Choi, this cultural and entertaining cooking program showcases delicious, nutritious and easy to make traditional and fusion Korean cuisines. Taught the traditional way of cooking from her grandmother and mother, Cathlyns uses unique cooking techniques and processes to develop her own style of traditional Korean recipes as well as fusion dishes. At age 13, Cathlyn also helped her parents with their catering business in Brunei for five years.

Cathlyn's Korean Kitchen hosted by Celebrity Chef Cathlyn Choi

Watch Cathlyn as she shares with you some of the most exotic and tasty culinary dishes that will leave your mouth watering. The program will also explore rich, historical Korean culture with the viewers, and how Korean food has played such an important role over the centuries. Whether you’re a food connoisseur, or just looking to learn the secrets of making great Fusion recipes, Cathlyn’s Kitchen is sure to educate, entertain, and enlighten you.

Season 1 features healthy, delicious and easy to make Korean traditional recipes as well as Korean culture with guest chefs, celebrities and artists who never experienced Korean food.

Season 2 shares her original fusion recipes using her “magic five” popular Korean ingredients. It is the first Korean TV cooking show hosted in both Korean and English. Cathlyn combines her native ingredients with other spices and flavors from around the world to create unique and healthy fusion dishes.

Season 3 introduces some of the most popular and delicious Korean dishes. Various restaurants are then featured while profiling their executive chefs and signature dishes.

Season 4 focuses on some of the most traditional and unique ingredients found in Korean foods, since many Korean ingredients have a rich history, culture and philosophy behind them.

Cathlyn’s Korean Kitchen cooking show videos are available on her youtube channel at http://www.youtube.com/c/cathlynchoi

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"Cathlyn Choi is a key media asset in the success of the Korean Government's Korean food Globalization Program..."- Kim Yoon-Ok, Former South Korean First Lady

"Cathlyn is the Korean food goddess! Her fresh and flavorful cuisine represents the true style of Korea's culinary history!" - Ron Oliver, Chef de Cuisine, Marine Room, La Jolla

"Cathlyn's warm and friendly demeanor on camera represents her Korean food and culture very well. Her show is very interesting, educational and entertaining and great for those who wish to learn more about Korean recipes and ingredients." - Gayle Loeber, Director of Programming & Information, NETA

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