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Holiday Rice Cake

by Jasmine Nauta

Special get-togethers and seasonal occasions where I am able to be around friends and family makes me the happiest. Not only do I get to create fond memories, but we can all bond over the food as well! My Holiday Rice Cake creates just the environment where the food is just as memorable as the gathering. I love preparing this dish when I am hosting a gathering. Gatherings where savory flavors have an emphasis placed on them, but some sweetness is welcomed as well!

By fusing these ingredients together which creates my Holiday Rice Cake, the pairing of flavors elevates any occasion and will be the star of the show. Not only is this dish delicious, but it is super easy to make! The real reward in this recipe is the nutritional benefits that it serves. This dessert is a low calorie, guilt free, and nutritional blast of fruits of vegetables, that bind together to make a dish, an experience.

With all the seasonal events of summer approaching, I recommend this recipe to anyone looking to spice up their normal menu. I promise you will love my Holiday Rice Cake!

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